Itineo Motorhomes

Itineo Motorhomes

new Itineo motorhomes

Itineo motorhomes offera range of A-Class motorhomes, enabling you to experience luxury wherever you travel. As part of the trusted Rapido group, Itineo has been creating motorhomes for more than 10 years. There are three ranges with different personalities, so you can choose which Itineo motorhome range is best suited to you. Dicksons of Perth are the only official dealer of new Itineo motorhomes in Scotland, as well as being one of only two in the UK, serving the North of England to boot. So, if you are looking for a new Itineo motorhome, there is no better place to come than Dicksons of Perth.

Itineo 650 Range

Itineo 650 motorhomes

With the largest amount of storage space amongst the Itineo ranges, the 650 range is ideal for those who love to explore and get away. The range includes the Itineo FB650 motorhome, a four-berth A-Class that is not only comfortable, but has been very smart on the storage space provided. As the smallest motorhome in the Itineo range, the Itineo FB650 motorhome is a versatile vehicle featuring modern furnishings and a garage perfect for bicycles and sports equipment.

Itineo 700 Range

Itineo 700 motorhomes

New for 2018, Itineo motorhomes have introduced their Itineo SLB700 motorhome, designed for families. With a children’s bedroom towards the rear offering bunk beds and the option of an additional sleeping space, the whole Itineo 700 motorhome range has been created to make travelling with friends and family as easy and comfortable as it can be. With models up to six-berth, if you’re looking to take a relaxing holiday with the family, then the Itineo 700 motorhome range is for you. Take a look at the stock we have in today, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call and we will be more than happy to help.

Itineo 740 Range

Itineo 740 motorhomes

Three out of the five models in the Itineo 740 motorhome range include island beds, providing you with a great night’s sleep. The Itineo 740 motorhome range has been designed for the traveller, the robust and spacious motorhome provides everything you need for a busy and eventful travel experience. With motorhomes measuring 7.42m, you are never lost for space in these large motorhomes. The Itineo SB740 motorhome can sleep up to seven people, one of the only motorhomes with this sleeping capability.