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Roller Team motorhomes may be new on the circuit, but as part of one of the leading European motorhome manufacturers, Trigano Group, Roller Team motorhomes have gone from strength to strength. Their ethos is to create large motorhomes, ideal for families and with the comfort needed when travelling far and wide. Each model has been created to be reliable and to stand the test of time. Roller Team motorhomes work hard to ensure that every new motorhome they create is easy to drive as well as robust and reliable.

Roller Team Zefiro

Roller Team Zefiro Motorhome

The four models in the Roller Team Zefiro motorhome range include both high-line and low-line models, with the high-line models being six-berth and the low-line five-berth. These new motorhomes are packed with storage space, ensuring everything has its place and you're not lacking space. All of the models in the 2018 Roller Team motorhome collection include a fitted bed, ranging from an island bed to bunk beds, so that you can choose the right option for your family.

Roller Team Auto-Roller

Roller Team Auto-Roller Motorhomes

The Auto-Roller motorhome range from Roller Team motorhome features the only seven-berth motorhome from the brand – the Roller Team Auto-Roller 707. The other two models in the range are six-berth models, but with the versatility for you to choose. The Roller Team Auto-Roller 746 motorhome features no fitted beds, enabling you to make the most of the space during the day, and only use the bed space that you need at night. This large motorhome range is the epitome of the Roller Team brand; motorhomes that can offer a vast amount of space whilst still being comfortable and homely. If you are looking for a family motorhome, the Roller Team Auto-Roller motorhome range has it all.

Roller Team T-Line

Roller Team T-Line Motorhomes

The Roller Team T-Line motorhome range features some of the smallest motorhomes in the Roller Team motorhome range as a whole, including the Roller Team T-Line 590, a four-berth model measuring under 6m, this new 2018 motorhome is ideal for those who still want to travel with family, but aren’t comfortable driving a larger motorhome. The other two models in the range are five-berth motorhomes, with generous storage space and drop down beds which, help to save on space during the day and can offer a place to sleep for guests.