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pilote motorhomes

Established in 1962, Pilote started their journey creating caravans. By 1975, the success of the brand led to the expansion of the company moving from a small, cabinet making workshop in Limouzinière to their first factory. By 1978 the company had expanded even further, and it is here that the first Pilote motorhome was made.

Inspired by a trip to the USA, the Capucine was the first Pilote motorhome and generated the companies first sales' abroad; establishing them as a pioneer in their field.

Over the years, the company’s ethics have remained the same: innovation, traditional craftsmanship, creativity and of course reliability. Each generation continue to create the same great quality motorhomes.

With the recent return of the emblematic Pilote Galaxy and Pilote Pacific ranges, Pilote motorhomes continues to go from strength to strength.

Pilote Pacific

Pilote Pacific

Low profile motorhome models can be found in the Pilote Pacific range, with motorhomes from 5.99m in length to 7.45. There is a variety of layouts in the range including, French bed, twin beds, and a fold-down bed.

The two packages, the Pilote Pacific ‘Essentiel’ and the Pilote Pacific ‘Sensation’, allow you to customise your motorhome to your own needs. For more details, why not contact us at Dicksons of Perth on 01738 507061 or have a look through our wide range of 2017 motorhome stock.

Pilote Galaxy

Pilote Galaxy

The Pilote Galaxy is the new A-class motorhome range from Pilote, offering luxury touring and exceptional bodywork. For 2018, the Pilote Galaxy range has upgraded their models including the Pilote G701, Pilote G650, Pilote G700, Pilote G741, Pilote G781 and Pilote G600. With a choice of 2-4 berth motorhomes, these spacious models can be customised with our three packages, the ‘Essentiel', ‘Sensation’, and ‘Emotion’.

There are plenty of layouts to choose from across the Pilote Galaxy range including French beds, twin beds, and island beds. For each individual Pilote Galaxy model - all specifications are given on the listings pages of Dicksons of Perth. Why not have a look through and see which model suits you and your family’s needs today.