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new pilote motorhomes

Pilote motorhomes has been creating their vehicles since 1978. With their knowledge of creating caravans for the 16 years prior. Since then, Pilote motorhomes have been known as one of the big brands in the UK and European motorhome market. The company has remained loyal to their ethics throughout the years, ensuring every new motorhome they make is innovative, reliable and contains their traditional craftsmanship. 2018 is no different, with the brand putting out their best Pilote motorhomes across a variety of styles including low-profile and A-Class motorhomes.

Pilote Pacific

Pilote Pacific motorhomes

The low-profile motorhome in the Pilote Pacific motorhome range comes in a variety of sizes from 5.99m to 7.45m. The 18 model range features something for everyone, with a vast choice of bed options including twin beds, island beds and garage beds. For 2018 Pilote Pacific motorhome models have been improved with better insulation with their new thicker flooring and side walls, providing you with a more comfortable temperature. The Truma heating system also helps to optimise heat distribution throughout the year.

Pilote Galaxy

Pilote Galaxy motorhomes

Pilote Galaxy motorhomes are the A-Class motorhome range from Pilote, with 20 models in the range, including a compact 5.99m all the way to the large and spacious 7.87m. All of the Pilote Galaxy motorhomes benefit from the large panoramic wind screen, providing one of a kind views from everywhere you travel. With plenty of optional extras you can personalise your 2018 Pilote Galaxy motorhome to suit your needs, with different levels of finish including the Pilote Galaxy Essentiel, Pilote Galaxy Sensation, and Pilote Galaxy Emotion motorhome, as well as a number of bed options. The Pilote Galaxy motorhome range is suited for all year round usage, with insulated floors and walls, flush fitting windows to improve insulation, and double seal doors for perfect waterproofing.